I’m located in Marina Del Rey, CA. I travel on location for weddings and events across the Southern California region. I enjoy traveling to other locations as well! When traveling out of town, my clients are responsible for all accommodations (airfare, hotel, transportation, ect.) along with my standard rate.



I want to make things as effortless and organized as possible for you. Please fill out my questionnaire below and I will get back to you asap with rates and availability. 



I will send you a contract which requires a 50% deposit for your services upon booking. Once I receive your signed contract and deposit, I then reserve your date exclusively for you! Please keep in mind, until your deposit is received I have to respond to other inquires.



I'm thrilled to meet you and hear more about your vision for your special day! My goal on your wedding day is for you to feel the most beautiful you have ever felt and feel as comfortable and confident. A hair trial is a must for us! Trials are perfected at my salon, Beauty Beach Lounge. We will draw inspiration from your dress, the style of your wedding, your hair accessory options, photos or other ideas you may have and together we will create the best wedding hair for you! You can invite your bestie and enjoy some bubbly! 



Yes! I love this syle of color particularly for a bride because it makes your hair stand out in photos and look Pinterest perfect. The other reason I love this style for my clients is because it's no-maintenance which means you never "have" to touch it up. Because we keep your natural color in there as your base, you can refresh or add more whenever you like. This is the number one color service I perform on my clients because it is beautiful and seamless. I think you will like it too! I recommend a full balayage for the first time and you can up keep with partials. You can call or book online to make your appointment at my salon with me. Beauty Beach Lounge



I'm a big fan of extensions for brides because I have personally experienced myself and my brides how they not only amplify your hairstyle but also your femininity, confidence, and your sexy. So, yes! If there is anytime to do it, do it now so you can remember how beautiful and gorgeous you felt during your engagement and on your wedding day! I love my Hotheads Hair Extensions because they last up to 18 weeks so they can take you through all your memorable occasions like your showers, engagement, bachelorette party, or honeymoon and feel amazing! Because these are adjusted every six weeks they are not damaging to the hair. Hotheads hair is the best quality that even all the celebrities use. $800-$1400 depending on length and fullness. You can book your free consultation with me at the salon to find out more! Beauty Beach Lounge



I am happy to create your hair timeline for your day. If you would prefer your wedding planner to create it, that is fine also. I like to have 30-45 minutes for each person in the bridal party. I need one hour for brides. If you want to speed up timing, I can bring my assistant or another stylist.



If you want your hair up for your reception so you can dance the night away or even if you just have another hairstyle you want to change up for your reception, I'm happy to stay. If your worried about weather or curls drooping, or would just feel better knowing that I'm there to keep you looking fresh, I'm happy to stay for touchups. This is $75/hr beginning when the hair for the bridal party is complete and ends when the second look is complete.